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Understanding Body, Mind & Spirit

How To Achieve Wellness

Every human is created of three components. Body, Mind & Spirit.  Each of these separate but connected and dependent on one another. You cannot have one without the other. With such a connection then it must be true that where there is an imbalance in one, there is an imbalance in all three. Consequently one does not have wellness.

What is Body, Mind & Spirit?

  • The body is the physical aspect of the human being. It consists of roughly 50 trillion cells which organize to form tissue, nerves, bones, and organs. The body expresses itself in the language of matter, atoms, particles, and molecules.
  • The mind is the mental/emotional aspect of the human being. The mind processes thoughts and ideas as well as feelings and emotions. The mind is consciousness, memory, and imagination. The soul is a non-physical aspect of the human being. It is our personal and individuated expression of the divine or spirit.
  • The soul is that part of us that longs to have meaning and seeks answers to the great questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?The soul is eternal and communicates in the language of creative expression such as music, art, and poetry.
  • The spirit is the vital force within all things. Spirit may be called God or Creator. It can also be called the Quantum field, the field, or the unmanifest. It is the indescribable organizing principle of the universe and its language is pure energy.

The body, mind and spirit are the components that, collectively, comprise and define our species. If we are sick or suffering, we must work holistically to completely heal. If we do not, we are missing the connection and in all likelihood will never reach our potential for wellness and vitality. If we do not consider the whole human being, we will most likely work to alleviate symptoms of a problem and never address the root cause.

Think for a moment,

How much time do you spend balancing body?

  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • Do you eat a healthy well balanced diet?
  • Do you drink plenty of water?
  • Do you get plenty of sleep?

How much time do you spend balancing your mind?

  • Are you stressed out?
  • Are you disorganized?
  • Do you have trouble focusing or concentrating?

What about your spirit? Do you even understand what that is?

  • Where did you come from?
  • Why are you here?
  • Are you fulfilled with your life?

If you find that you are out of balance and cannot seem to achieve wellness. I would invite you to look closely at these questions and your answers will show you where your deficiencies lie. Work on balancing those deficiencies. We all seem to be hyper focused on the body, but turn away from the reality of the other two components. I would invite discussion on what you feel falls under mind and spirit. We could talk all day about body. That’s a no brainer and I think we obsess over just that one. I would like to see more focus on our mind and our spirit. Why are we so afraid to speak of these?