New Heights Wellness Center Fitness Studio


We have been around for 17 years. Many of you have known us for our fantastic massage services.  But we are so much more!

We are professional passionate and dedicated Fitness Instructors. We are smaller more intimate and we welcome all  ages, sizes and fitness levels, we can modify so that your workout meets YOUR needs. We are all created differently so your workout should be different.

We offer strength training and cardio workouts guaranteed to challange you, build your confidence, strength and endurance. 

Our studio offers personal training, group fitness classes, and meditation.  No memberships required.  Come as you are!  We are waiting for you!



The PiYo® workout is an introductory/intermediate Beachbody  program with Jaime Bacon.  It takes concepts from Pilates and yoga and blends them into a cardio and strengthening program for higher-energy workouts.

Mondays 530p / Thursdays 930a





Total Body Blast

A total body workout that blasts fat and torches calories.  We will push this full body workout into total overdrive.  We will tone your chest muscles, carve your shoulders, lean your legs, lift your glutes and sculpt your abs!

Mondays / Wednesdays 9a






Functional Movement 

Functional Movement is a type of exercise that supports your everyday life. It includes movements such as walking, pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, lunging, and core. These exercises all the major muscle groups, back, shoulders, hips, biceps, triceps, abs and legs

Mondays / Wednesdays 10a






Strength, Core & Stretch

This 50-minute class will include strength, core, and stretching exercises. Each class will include the use of body weight movements, dumbbells, bands, and your mat to get a great overall total body workout.  All fitness levels are welcome and modifications will be available.

Wednesdays 5p



ChildLight Yoga®

ChildLight was established in 2005 with the intention of sharing yoga & mindfulness with youth. As we’ve grown, our programs include SEL, mental health reset strategies, and additional wellness modalities for all ages and abilities. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing evidence-based and trauma-informed trainings, classes, and curricula. We envision a future in which everyone is equipped with the tools needed to meet life’s challenges in healthy ways.

Saturdays 1030a

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