Same Name, New Website, Same Us, New Domain Name

Hello to our faithful followers and website browsers. Have you been here before? Noticing anything different? A brand new look? A brand new and shorter domain name? We are now – but why?

While we have been serving all of you through our website address formerly known as, we wanted to make things easier and quicker to get to the information and resources you need. We decided to go with a new domain name. Not following what we mean? Take a look up at the website address bar at the top of your internet browser. It should now read We simply took the letters of our business name and shortened it down a bit to what you see. So be sure to update your bookmarks, and while you are at it, make sure you update our email address. It is still “info@” but now just our new domain “”. Worried about not seeing a ‘.com’ at the end? No worries, no need to add anything to the end, the ‘.center’ is it.

It should be noted, however, that for those existing users of your online patient profiles, scheduling, and patient online billing, that all will continue to be going through our partner website, and none of that has changed.

What else is new? We have unveiled brand new designs and look to our website, more improvements to getting all of you involved more with us and your wellness. We hope you stick around and join us on our journey. Stay tuned for more updates. Our new website design went live on Easter Sunday 2023. Our new domain name and email went live in January 2023.

Thank you to our Web Designer and Managed IT Support specialist, David Pfiffner, with Dayton Allied Business Solutions, for getting us to where we have always wanted to be. Stay tuned for more new updates coming soon!