Discover The Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Relaxation, Pain Management and Well Being.


Experience the rejuvenating power of massage therapy, an ancient form of alternative medicine that has stood the test of time. By manipulating soft tissues, massage therapy promotes relaxation, relieves pain, and enhances overall well-being. Our highly qualified and compassionate therapists practice with intention and clinical expertise to provide you with a truly transformative experience. Discover the world of massage therapy and its potential to improve your quality of life.

Unlock the Healing Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a holistic approach to wellness, utilizing hands-on techniques to apply gentle or firm pressure to muscles and soft tissues. Through various methods like kneading, rolling, and stretching, our therapists effectively target tight muscles and release tension. Whether you're seeking relief from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, or injuries, massage therapy offers a safe and effective solution. It can also be an essential part of your preventive care regimen, promoting overall health and well-being.


Our Compassionate Approach to Massage Therapy At New Heights Wellness Center

We prioritize genuine connections and a client-centered approach. Our friendly and compassionate staff is dedicated to providing caring, connective touch that addresses your specific needs. With deep intuition and sound clinical thinking, our highly qualified therapists plan each session with the utmost intention and compassion. We understand that true wellness encompasses the body, mind, and spirit, and we strive to create a nurturing environment for your healing journey.


Qualified and Licensed Professionals

Rest assured that your well-being is in capable hands. Our staff consists of licensed therapists who have achieved appropriate certifications and licensure to practice. We are proud to be licensed by the Ohio Medical Board, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and care. Additionally, we work closely with medical insurance providers, and many of our massage therapy services may be covered by your policy. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to confirm your coverage.


Elevate your well-being with the transformative power of massage therapy. Whether you seek stress reduction, pain management, or simply a moment of relaxation, our skilled therapists are here to guide you on your wellness journey. Experience the profound benefits of compassionate touch and holistic care at New Heights Wellness Center

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take a step towards a healthier, happier you.


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Explore Our Comprehensive Range of Massage Services for Your Wellness Needs

Discover a wide variety of massage services tailored to meet your unique wellness goals. Our experienced therapists will guide you through a thorough consultation to determine the most suitable treatment plan. Begin your journey towards relaxation and rejuvenation by completing our initial client registration paperwork during your first visit.

At New Heights Wellness Center we offer an extensive selection of massage services designed to address your specific needs and goals. Whether you're seeking relaxation, pain relief, or overall rejuvenation, our experienced therapists are here to guide you through a personalized treatment plan. During your initial visit, we prioritize understanding your health history and goals to ensure the best possible outcomes. Let us take care of your well-being as you embark on a transformative journey towards optimal wellness.

Tailored Massage Services to Meet Your Needs Explore our diverse range of massage therapy services, each carefully crafted to target specific areas and provide unique benefits. Whether you're seeking deep tissue massage for muscle tension, Swedish massage for relaxation, or sports massage for enhanced athletic performance, our therapists will customize each session to meet your individual requirements. Not sure which massage therapy service is right for you? Our knowledgeable therapists will guide you through the selection process to ensure you receive the optimal treatment for your well-being.

Thorough Consultation and Personalized Treatment Plans Your well-being is our top priority. During your initial visit, our therapists will ask you to complete a client registration form, which includes a brief health history and general information. This information helps us understand your specific needs and any relevant medical considerations. Our therapists will review the paperwork with you, conducting a thorough consultation to determine your goals and desired outcomes. This personalized approach allows us to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring an effective and rewarding experience.

Begin Your Journey to Wellness At New Heights Wellness Center, we believe in the importance of open communication and transparency. Before your massage session begins, our therapists will discuss your treatment plan, addressing any concerns or questions you may have. This ensures that you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. By prioritizing your goals and needs, we create a partnership that empowers you to take control of your well-being.

Experience the transformative power of our comprehensive massage services. From relaxation to pain relief and rejuvenation, our experienced therapists will guide you towards optimal wellness. Start your journey by completing our initial client registration paperwork during your first visit. Discover the benefits of personalized treatment plans and compassionate care at New Heights Wellness Center.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment and embark on a path to a healthier, happier you.



Relaxation massage- Experience the soothing benefits of our Swedish relaxation massage, expertly designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Unwind and let your worries fade away as our skilled therapists use gentle techniques to melt tension, leaving you refreshed and revitalized. Book now for a blissful escape and discover the transformative power of pure relaxation.









Therapeutic massage- Introducing our most popular massage option, specifically tailored to address your unique needs. Whether you're seeking relief from pain, targeting specific areas of concern, or aiming to enhance flexibility and range of motion, our targeted therapeutic massage has you covered.  Book your appointment now and take a proactive step towards a pain-free and more mobile lifestyle.










Pre/Post Natal massage- Experience the nurturing benefits of our Pre/Post Natal massage, specially designed to provide relief from the physical discomforts of pregnancy while alleviating stress during and after this precious phase of life. Our expert therapists understand the unique challenges faced by expecting and new mothers, offering targeted techniques to address postnatal depression, aches, and pains associated with caring for a newborn. Furthermore, our massage supports the body's natural process of returning to its pre-pregnancy state. While physician's consent is recommended for high-risk pregnancies, our Pre/Post Natal massage is a safe and effective choice for all mothers-to-be. Embrace the journey of motherhood with comfort and care by booking your session today.








Geriatric massage- Introducing our specialized "Comfort Touch" massage technique, specifically tailored for the elderly and infirm. This modality is ideal for individuals with fragile bones, thinning skin, and those requiring additional assistance during the massage process, such as getting on the table or undressing. However, please note that this service can also be provided to patients in bed or in a wheelchair and does not necessarily require undressing.

Our compassionate therapists are trained in providing gentle and soothing touch to promote relaxation, alleviate discomfort, and enhance overall well-being. The "Comfort Touch" technique is thoughtfully adapted to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Experience the benefits of this specialized massage, designed to bring comfort and relief to those who need it most. Whether you or your loved one are in need of relaxation and pain management, we are here to provide the utmost care and support. Schedule your session today and discover the power of "Comfort Touch" for enhanced well-being and a renewed sense of comfort.






Chair Massage- Pressed for time? Seeking immediate relief from that persistent shoulder pain? Don't worry, we have the perfect solution. Our specially designed ergonomic massage chairs are ready to provide you with a quick fix. No need to undress or allocate extra time for changing clothes. This convenient option is ideal for a lunchtime therapy session when time is of the essence.

Indulge in a revitalizing massage experience while comfortably seated in our ergonomic chairs. Our skilled therapists will target your shoulder area, alleviating that stabbing, pinching pain and restoring your sense of well-being in no time.

Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling a lengthy massage session and hello to efficient relief. Take a moment for yourself during your lunch break and experience the instant benefits of our chair massage therapy. Your shoulder will thank you!






Handzenfeet massage- 

Indulge in our specialized hand and foot massage service, tailored to provide targeted relief and relaxation. Whether you're dealing with arthritic conditions or simply tired feet, this treatment is designed to bring you comfort and rejuvenation.

Experience the incredible benefits of focused massage on your hands and feet. Don't underestimate the power of these areas, as they play a vital role in your overall well-being. Even though this service is concentrated on your extremities, you still enjoy the holistic effects that a full body massage provides.

Take advantage of this fantastic option, especially when time is limited. Our hand and foot massage allows you to receive the rejuvenating benefits of massage therapy in a shorter duration. Treat yourself to a moment of tranquility and let our skilled therapists work their magic on your hands and feet.

Book your session now and discover the incredible difference this specialized service can make. Give your hands and feet the attention they deserve and experience the overall positive impact on your body and mind.